Being patient is a key word in life.

Doctors are always patient, even when things get worse, they hope for the best.

They are polite and understanding, even when the patient is in severe pain, they hold on attending to them even many have had their patients die in their hands.

Lets support them, encouraging them, celebrating them and above all PRAYING FOR THEM. They have families, as much as we are all scared of the world’s deadliest pandemic which has turned to be every one’s song, CORONA VIRUS, they have sacrificed themselves to attend to those infected. Some Doctors and nurses have even succumbed to it on the line of duty while helping the infected. While you run away from that DANGER, They run towards it. They are human like you, they have families, they are our brothers, sisters, uncles, parents, children and even grandparents. they get scared too they have emotions just like you. Despite the fact that Covid19 claims older or aged people than younger ones, the nurses and Doctors of that age are on the front line. But due to the call and love they have for you and me they risk and sacrifice their lives. They are MY HEROES. what about you?

New Day

Its always normal to talk about day to day occurrences. When a prominent person dies it will be the talk of the month leave alone a day.

But as its said, when the tune of the song changes, the dancers change their dancing style.

Covid19 or Corona has changed the whole world totally. And the situation changes daily, new measures are imposed daily according to how the virus changes its attack.

At fast it was mask wearing, the virus turned to be tough we had to change our approach by introducing curfew.

Within no time Mr Covid19 proved to be more of a calamity, and again we changed our dancing style by implementing Lockdown. The virus seemed to have been overpowered, to our surprise, Mr covid19 was arming himself. The virus changed its tune and those who had lapsed the measures had to bring them back and this time more strictly.

Once Mr Covid19 came ruthlessly, we had to implement Cessation of movement from one part of the world to the other and even closing borders.

Flying from your country to the other to seek medical attention was shut and now what was left is EVERYBODY FOR HIM/HER SELF AND GOD FOR US ALL. Indeed it is so tight, where cashless transactions is the only option.

If you happen to use cash then its should be sanitized, plus you washing your hands every moment you touch anything. The virus is no joke and to confirm this, you are not supposed to touch your own face. With unsanitized hands or else, Be ready to COMBAT MR COVID19.

Its my advice that we follow the tune mr covid19 is playing in order to change our dancing style in its ambush changes to win it.

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A journey with Unknown Destination.

Its clear that anyone travelling or planning to travel, has known destination. If you have no idea of the place, atleast there are directions to lead you to the point or like today we have telecommunication networks where you can reach out people to know the information about your destination.

Unfortunately to all of us, we are aware of going to somewhere thats Heaven after our time of work here on earth expires. But the big question is,

How does the place look like?

How is life over there?

What are the activities done?

Is there sicknesses?

Is that place just like here on earth?

Is there clothes?

What about food?

Do we have marriage?

Will we meet with all people we know and meet daily?

How will our body look like?

This are many questions iam sure you also ask your self and many more.

If we knew what we will be after earth, then all of us maybe doing same thing or moving towards same direction.

Now that its hidden from us and even those who have gone before us cannot tell us about the questions we have since then, many do their own things.

But it’s a GOOD NEWS TO CHRISTIANS that are born again for they find the ANSWERS TO ALL THE QUESTIONS we have about life after.

The BIBLE is the one and only book that contains the really words of God Himself.

Its tells us how that land looks like, the food eaten and the activities done over there.

In other words, the next land we go after here has good things more than here, but to those who are busy disobeying what the Bible says, there is too much suffering and pain beyond what we can imagine.

And by that iam able to figure out that if two dream homes are built, and you are asked to choose one although you have not seen them by working hard to attain a certain point in order to get that home, you will work hard tirelessly . And basically, this is what we have to do. Working towards good life after this, or disobey to suffer forever. Just lead a good life of serving God by doing what is right in the eyes of God and men. I mean know who Jesus christ is and do what He expects by reading the bible, asking where you don’t understand from a fellow believer or pastor.

You will get a revelation and answers to your questions.

My question is,

Are you a believer of Jesus christ?

Hard times.

One of the saddest moments is today. Another blow to the film industry. We’ve lost papa shirandula of papa shirandula shows that is aired on citizen tv. a two days sickness and he is no more, its sad but in all situations we thank God. Pray for his family , mr. CHARLES BUKEKO Has left and may God strengthen them .